The Ugly Face of Gay Marriage Australia

THE AUSTRALIAN LANDSCAPE is presently littered with a vast, hate-filled propaganda campaign, as a vitriolic bunch of moronic, bullying, fascists push to legalise gay marriage, under false pretences, with no regard for the cost to common decency…


Australians Have Three Choices

When it comes to the issues that matter most to everyday Australians, it is no exaggeration when I say, without exception, we are all being bullied. Bullied into silence. Bullied into backing down. Bullied. By thugs…

The Call for Sexual Assault. No, Really!

Imagine a world where a woman — an Arab woman, an Arab woman lawyer — goes on television to broadcast a proposal to all Arab nations that their young Arab men ought seek out every opportunity to sexually assault all Israeli girls. Imagine no further...

Trump: Forget the Man… Just Listen to the Words

The speech in Saudi Arabia just delivered by U.S. President Donald Trump may very well serve as the litmus test to all those who claim to be seeking an end to religious extremism, global terrorism, the rising Islamic caliphate, and the Holy war of Jihad bearing down on ALL of us. As the whole world’s talking about this, please join in.

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