Meme #54: Dunkirk’s ‘White Male Privilege’

G’day, Comrades. Thanks to AN INNOCENT REMARK…

I quickly found myself on the wrong end of a rather vitriolic little social justice warrior today. With the release of the film ‘Dunkirk’, some have taken to social media to vent their anger, disgust and rage over the lack of women and black men in the film.

DUNKIRK, White Male Privilege, Sifu Crockett, We Need To Talk, Snowflake, Social Justice Warrior

While I’m probably not the first to point this out, point out I did — by way of a brief recap — the historical event this film is based on, which, just as a matter of fact, was rather low on representation of the so-called minorities my little snowflake friend thought she’d crucify me over. ESPECIALLY women.

Among other things, I was immediately and in no uncertain terms told what to do with my white male privilege.

Nonetheless, I pointed out that:

“All those white men you see in historical photos — just like the one the film’s cover is based on — they’re not, as you say, privileged.

“In fact, they died. There. At Dunkirk. And they did so for ungrateful little excuses for people like you.

“Those that you claim to represent — those marginalised minorities; the ‘people of color’; the women — NOT THERE… And NOT DEAD!

“In their place, however, are these men whom you’ve just disgraced with your ignoble accusations of white male privilege.

“Look as I may, I do not see looks upon the faces of these men that cry or suggest ‘privilege’. In place of your women, your ‘colored men’, your whatever… I see brave frightened WHITE MEN, prepared to fight until an horrific death takes their last breath.”


With my comment, our little snow pea was quickly and unceremoniously swamped. And, after a few feeble attempts to shoot back, she quickly deleted her post — Unfortunately taking the rest of us with her.

I’m sure, by day’s end, that she managed to swing the entire situation around to her advantage (or is that disadvantage?), just in time to tuck herself into bed alongside her precious privilege for the night.

People like this, hey. What can you do?:

Can’t live with ‘em; Can’t shoot ‘em… If only cos you don’t know where they fucking live.


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