An Angry Muslim with Acute Question Phobia (Video)

By Sifu Crockett

G’day, Comrades.  

Ever met someone in possession of an ability to deflect questions with such astonishing prevalence that you were left with your jaw on the floor?

Well, prepare your jaw.

On Lateline, an Australian News & Current Affairs show, Emma Alberici attempted to interview Wassim Doureihi, a member of the Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir. “Attempted” being the operative word.

Now, there are few things I love more than a clever wordsmith, especially when they can weight their point of view with a great proclivity for argumentation. And if that’s you, too, I am so sorry to disappoint.

Doureihi is not clever. Not close.

If ever there was one, this is an Islamic advocate with little more than an inflexible, one-sided point of view. And one with a proclivity for — or utter dependence on — the mire of obfuscation. Worse, crippled by the inability to articulate, he’s not terrribly good at that either.

Nobody admires a politician who dodges pertinent questions. It’s occasionally clever, but I’m no fan of failing to punch at your weight when you front up to a fight. That said, prepare to meet the admirable (not)

Wassim Doureihi

Sifu Crockett, We Need To Talk, Muslim, Islam, Lateline, Emma Alberici, Wassim Doureihi, Hizb ut-Tahrir
No, not an Australian flag behind Wassim Doureihi

If ever someone was to willingly offer up (sacrifice) Islam to a divine disservice, here’s your man — A man so incapable of operating within the company of an intelligent woman, let alone be the guest of one, that you may find yourself, even if you watch this alone, trying to work out how to crawl under your own carpet so as to hide from the embarrassment.

But to blame Doureihi’s poor performance solely on the gross discomfort he felt sitting opposite Alberici would be an error of judgement.

Doureihi repeatedly proved that he was unfit for the task of talking straight about Islam — Which, truth be told, should not surprise anyone familiar enough with Islamic rhetoric, Islamist bullying, and the tried-and-true formula some often employ to swing between ‘Islamophobic victim’ and entitled moderate Muslim.

As Alberici Made Clear

Doureihi was being offered the perfect platform to promote Islam; and to maybe even set the record straight.

On that count, what you’re about to see is nothing short of a dismal, abysmal failure. We’re talking about not getting even remotely close to the ballpark, let alone playing well in it.

And before we have a look at Doureihi fit more feet in his mouth than in his possession, let’s consider what may very well be the only plausible explanation for this failure:

There ARE NO reasonable explanations to the questions put to Doureihi in regards Islam. Particularly in regards the manner in which we are seeing groups like ISIS — and his very own Hizb ut-Tahrir — force itself, by way of the sword, across the world…

A force of unrelenting, unmitigated, scripturally called-for violence; brought to us by heartless jihadists; committed to the insanity of faith-driven martyrdom; with the promise of Paradise; at the command of Allah; under the law of Sharia; following the example of Muhammad; all the way up to the end game of its one and only goal: The global Islamic State. The dreaded caliphate.

So, do bear that in mind as you watch Doureihi artlessly dodge every reasonable question put to him — For no other reason than the worldwide lack of available, applicable responses.

Oh, and By the Way:

Sifu Crockett, We Need To Talk, Muslim, Islam, Lateline, Emma Alberici, Wassim Doureihi, Hizb ut-Tahrir
Emma Alberici

Hats off to Emma Alberici for sticking to her guns, unrelentingly — And with exceeding, if not undeserving, politeness and tolerance.

I’ve posted the interview for you below, comrades. Take a look. Have a laugh. And do tell me what you reckon. Comments can be made below or back on Facebook.


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