Air Conditioning Is Sexist! — Really? (Video)

By Sifu Crockett

Sometimes calling out stupid just ain’t necessary, especially when it does so itself. In this case, stupid gleefully bears the name Radhika Sanghani of The Telegraph.

In this short, short clip — which is all it takes — I literally lost count of the levels of moron thru which I was forced to descend.

To cite this sort of research, which Sanghani does, oblivious to all realms of this world we live in is a major step in whichever direction you choose for feminism, as long as it’s not forward.

It’s not a skit. No. It’s a conversation that beggars belief around the preposterous notion that, in search of a ‘Holy Grail’ of sorts to explain how some ongoing duel for control of the office thermostat, here, finally, we have the prime, if not final and conclusive, example — they call it “proof” — of the existence of the age-old, patriarchal, misogynistic battle between the sexes.

O, to have the sort of time on your hands where this exemplifies the body of your journalistic work. O the oppression; O, the need for a government enquiry.

So, do join me in giving two cheers for Radhika Sanghani, who had the hide to use the term “common sense,” which, when you see this, you’ll no doubt insist is an expression that should be filed under legislation banning her from ever going near again.

And as for her solutions…? Not really.

Enjoy the laugh. But…

Be Warned:

This clip will likely lower your I.Q. somewhere between your shoe-size and room temperature. And take this…

Even Bigger Warning:

Believing a word of what you’re about to hear will leave your plummeting I.Q. wherever it happens to land.

Do tell me what you reckon, comrades. Comments can be made below or back on Facebook

Thanks & cya.


Here’s the Clip. Click the bottom right hand corner to see it in full screen


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