The Call for Sexual Assault. No, Really!

By Sifu Crockett

Imagine a world where a woman — an Arab woman, an Arab woman lawyer — goes on television to broadcast a proposal to all Arab nations that their young Arab men ought seek out every opportunity to sexually assault all Israeli girls.

Yes, I know, not the sort of thing anyone would want to imagine. Problem is, it’s exactly what Cairo-based, Arab lawyer Nagla Al-Imam not only condones but is the person who has gone and done it. Loudly. Proudly. Unreservedly.

In a video [below] that has recently resurfaced, Al-Imam appeared on television in a 2008 interview saying:

Arab men should sexually harass Israeli girls, using any possible method.

This she says is 

The new resistance against Israel.” Worse: “Israeli girls are fair game for all Arabs.” No, not a typo.

Al-Imam goes on to defend her proposal — meaning she defends all the future rapists she’s encouraging — by pointing out the fact that most Arab countries do not have sexual harassment laws. To her, and to those she encourages to commit vile, violent crimes against women, this is to be taken as comfort. Me? Well, I’m just alarmed.

Oddly, and just for a moment, Al-Imam does say her proposal doesn’t include rape. But she gets over that, saying:

Israeli women do not have any right to respond.

In her view, and in her own words, this puts everyone (Arabs and Israelis) on equal terms: 

Leave the land so we won’t rape you. These two things are equal.

If the glaringly obvious double standards are yet to strike you, Al-Imam goes on to make sure there’s no confusion: 

She doesn’t want young Arab men to be interrogated. She wants Israeli (Zionist) girls to be expelled from Arab countries.

This, she says, “Is a form of resistance; and a way of rejecting their presence.


While you think about what you just read, and while you watch the accompanying clip, conduct for yourself a little thought experiment, and consider how such an instance would be received if the roles were reversed: Say, for argument’s sake, a white Australian male proposing that, in order to expel Muslims from Australia, that young Australian men ought be encouraged to rape Muslim girls.

Not only would that not happen, but if it did, if there were such a vile white Australian (man or woman) who would propose such a thing, wouldn’t we all quickly line up to extract an ounce of flesh? Of course we would. And we would even while Australia is presently exposing the masses of underaged girls being forced into marriages with Muslim men.

What we wouldn’t be doing is going on national television promoting such a proposal. But let’s say, hypothetically, we did: We wouldn’t have a receptive audience to which to broadcast it. That’s because… Values. Morals. Respect. Humanity.

The thing to see as crystal clear is that while Al-Imam may be talking there and then about sexually assaulting Israeli women… the real take home message is that this is but one example of the encouragement of crimes against ALL those who do not conform to the doctrines of Islam — The world over!

Although the manner of execution (no pun intended) may vary — the beheading of men (infidels as well as non-compliant Muslims); the throwing of gay men from rooftops; the stoning to death of women; the rape of girls (throughout Europe) — the agenda is one and the same: The annihilation of all that is not the literal, Jihadist version of Islam.

It matters not when or where or from whom this particular incident occurs, cos horrid it is. Yet it does give rise to further dismay, when not only is this the world we presently live in, but in close partnership with it is the systematic oppression of all those who speak out and push back against the increasing threat, against the approaching subjugation of all that we in the West hold dear.

And the source of this oppression? Those who wrongly but maliciously label us Islamophobes; racists; bigots: Those being the apologists. Sympathizers. Social justice warriors. New wave feminists. Spineless political leaders. And the mainstream media — The great enemy of truth. 

Only when we face these challenges fearlessly, will we admit that there is no war coming. War, comrades… War we are already at!

I’ve put the clip below for you. Do tell me what you think.


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